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Dear friends & colleagues,

Please find here a programme and registration for the first ever ETUI/ETUC training meeting for the editors or journalists of trade union magazines or newspapers or newsletters.

The training takes place on 31 January – 1 February in Paris.

It will be a great opportunity for trade union journalists/editors to

If you are not a trade union newspaper or magazine editor or journalist please pass this invitation to someone who is (if you have such a thing in your union).

Please note that in March there will be a similar training meeting for those responsible for social media.
If you are one person Comms Department responsible for a magazine AND social media you need to choose which meeting to attend: you will NOT be accepted for both.

Travel is reimbursed and accommodation provided by ETUI.
There will be interpretation from and into English & French, with passive ES & IT to be confirmed (you will be able to speak ES or IT, but can only listen in EN or FR).
The idea is to have one person per country (not per union in countries where there is more than one ETUC affiliated union), but you can register anyway and we will alert you if there is a clash of registration requests.

Contact me for content issues, and Nathalie De Vits for registration/reimbursement/ logistical issues.

All the best