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February 2018: Occupational welfare, Improving productivity, Occupational pensions, Doughnut economics




It is now 10 years since we have started sending out our monthly Collective Bargaining newsletter. The newsletter presents up-to-date and easily accessible first-hand information on collective bargaining developments across Europe to practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. More recently, the ETUI has introduced another service called Reforms Watch which aims at keeping you informed on the recent news and alerts on labour markets and pension reforms as well as strikes. A teaser can be found in the new section of this newsletter below.

The Collective Bargaining newsletter became extremely popular over the years having now more than 3000 subscribers. It is compiled by a research team from the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) in cooperation with the ETUI and includes short summaries of bargaining developments with links to records that provide more detailed background information. In order to ensure that the information presented is as comprehensible as possible the AIAS research team uses a number of different sources including the thorough investigation of all relevant (inter)national press agencies on a weekly basis and the use of an extensive network of contacts within the European trade union movement and beyond.

The objective of the Collective Bargaining newsletter has been to facilitate the exchange of information between trade unions and to support the ETUC and its members in the field of collective bargaining. It deals with both the outcome and the process of negotiations. As far as negotiation outcomes are concerned the newsletter not only focuses on bread and butter issues such as wages and working time but it also covers developments in important policy areas such as minimum wages, youth and apprentices, women, precarious labour, low wages and end of career arrangements.

If you are not registered yet, you are welcome to send an email to Mariya Nikolova. You can also find all past articles in the online archives of the Collective Bargaining newsletter and the recent issues of the newsletter on the ETUI website.

Philippe Pochet, General director ETUI


Occupational Welfare in Europe: Risks, opportunities and social partner involvement

This new edited volume on occupational welfare in Europe is based on research projects coordinated by the European Social Observatory (OSE). It focuses on recent developments in the field of pensions and unemployment-related schemes in nine countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

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Improving productivity: the case for employee voice and inclusive workplace practices

This policy brief examines the effectiveness of policies which aim to dismiss labour market institutions, in the name of competitiveness, across the European Union (EU). It also assesses the evidence which supports a positive relationship between deregulation and decentralization and productivity.

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New issue of Transfer: occupational pensions and trade unions

The February 2018 issue of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, aims to provide more insight into the variation in coverage, design and quality of pension arrangements across Europe, with a focus on the politics of occupational pension development, including the role of the social partners.

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New in Reforms Watch

Recent events

The state of convergence in the European Union 14 years after enlargement

The ETUI marked the retirement of its Chief Economist for the past five years, Martin Myant, with a well-attended conference focusing on wage convergence in the central and eastern European (CEE) countries, which took place on 25 January at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. Maria Jepsen, Director of the Research Department at the ETUI, praised Martin in her opening speech for his long-standing work on convergence and transition that widened and deepened the research agenda of the ETUI in this area, but also for the work he carried out on broader issues such as trade agreements, employment protection legislation, and the labour market in general. Read more

Watch here the Video Story from the event

"Sharers & Workers – A dialogue on online platforms"

Watch here the Video Story of the event held on 23/01 in Brussels


Second week of the training for young trade union leaders

In the week of 12 – 16 February the ETUI Education department organized the second week of its "European training for young trade union leaders". Participants had the chance to learn more on the work and priorities of the European Trade Union Confederation and European Trade Unions Federations, also thanks to study visits organized at the European Public Service Union and IndustriAll European Trade Union.

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